Is Acupuncture Treatment Effective to Reduce Back Pain?

If you have ever acknowledged acupuncture treatment for back pain, here’s the good news. According to Lake Washington Wellness, acupuncture can help. We have found that this treatment is more effective than available therapies for assisting individuals with severe back pain to act better in their regular activities and feel less annoyed by their symptoms.

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Things to Know About Acupuncture and Back Pain

Acupuncture is a safe treatment and process if you receive it from a certified and experienced acupuncturist. Never get this treatment from an amateur. Otherwise, talk to a reliable person who has already visited an acupuncturist for chronic back pain. Ask them to refer or recommend a practitioner.

People who have experienced acupuncture treatment often report minor bleeding, bruising, and soreness at the place of puncture. These problems must go away in some days. Moreover, it poses no or less risk to your health.

For pregnant ladies, some particular types of acupuncture could trigger labor pain and delivery. Please consult with our acupuncturist regarding your pregnancy in advance.

If you have a bleeding disorder, acupuncture can pose health risks. Ensure to discuss your problems and medications with our acupuncturist before going for the treatment.

Needles should be disposable and sterile. But, ensure to keep puncture parts clean after every session to reduce risks of infection. The trouble is low if you get treatment from a trained expert.

How Acupuncture Works for Back Pain

Here are a few ways which show how acupuncture therapy works for severe back pain:

1. Discharges Opioid-like Chemicals Generated in the Body

Acupuncture may discharge pain-reducing chemicals. They naturally occur in our body and have the same properties as opioid pain reducers like morphine and hydrocodone.

2. Triggers Nervous System

Acupuncture stimulates trigger points that could discharge chemicals from the brain, muscles, and spinal cord. A few of these could relieve pain naturally.

3. Stimulates Electromagnetic Impulses in the Body

The electromagnetic impulses help accelerate the body’s pain management process, incorporating the discharge of endorphins.

4. Discharges Neurotransmitters

Neurotransmitters are hormones that convey messages adjusting the on/off systems of different nerve endings. Acupuncture may reduce some of that pain.

No matter how it works, tests on acupuncture for relieving back pain showcase excellent results with fewer risks of side effects.

How to Get Acupuncture for Back Pain

If you want acupuncture therapy to relieve your chronic back pain, you can first talk to your general physician. Ensure to discuss whether this treatment would be suitable for you.

While scheduling an appointment, ensure to contact our licensed acupuncturist. Our acupuncturists have the proper license, training, and certification to execute safe treatments. You can use the internet to get our certified acupuncturists.

However, remember that one treatment session doesn’t wholly cure back pain. You will need long-term therapy to get relief successfully. Acupuncture usually takes many treatments for the best results.

Many patients visit Lake Washington Wellness to get acupuncture treatment for back pain. If you also want to experience a practical result of this treatment in Redmond, WA, stay in touch with our acupuncturists today!