3 Self Massage Techniques Can Anywhere

Does it feel like sometimes the only way to get relief from tight and sore muscles is to visit us at Lake Washington Wellness? While spending time with us is enjoyable and we do love seeing you, our job is to get you well so you can lead a healthy, happy and fulfilling life.

One of the ways we can help is by teaching you some of our favorite self massage techniques you can do anywhere.

Sure, you may not drift into bliss like you would if you were on our table, but a simple self-massage can prevent injury, reduce stress and keep you feeling great.

Here’s our top 3 techniques:

Neck and shoulders

Reach across your chest with your right hand, resting the palm on top of the left shoulder
Keep your fingers on your back and press the knuckle of your thumb against the neck muscle
Slowly rotate your head and neck, pressing neck muscles against the thumb knuckle
Keep your hand in the same place, then press into your back muscle (between your shoulder blade and spine) with your fingertips and rotate your left shoulder blade
Switch arms and repeat on the right side.

Foot Massage

Running, jogging and even shopping can be murder on your feet. By the end of the day your feet begin to ache and may even impair your golf performance. Some use special shoes or insoles to help with this problem, but nothing beats a good old-fashioned foot rub. If your friends aren’t jumping at the chance to help relieve your foot pain, an item in your golf bag can do the trick!

With your shoes off, place a golf ball on the ground in front of you; you can be seated on the golf cart or standing
Roll your right foot forward and backward slowly on the ball
Next, apply pressure until you feel a pull, but not enough to cause pain. roll your foot side to side
Place your heel on the ball to make circular motions
Finally, cross your leg over the left ankle, take the ball, and roll it up and down the arch of your foot
Repeat with the left foot.
Tend to Your Back
Low back pain is one of the most common reasons people visit their doctor. Activities like gardening and house cleaning can make it worse.

Ease a Headache

If there’s one thing that can ruin a great day before it even starts, it’s a headache. Try a quick head massage to ease the pain.

Start by placing your thumbs on your cheekbones, close to your ears; gently apply pressure with your fingertips and rub the temples (the soft spot between the corner of your eye and your ear).
Using very firm pressure and a tiny circular motion, gradually move your fingers up along your hairline until they meet in the middle of your forehead, massaging your entire forehead and scalp as you inch along.

And if all else fails you can schedule a visit with your favorite Massage Therapist here: My Massage Therapist