Experience the Benefits of Medical Massage in Redmond, WA

Whether you are suffering from a particular health issue, seeking a way to unwind and relax, or nursing an injury, you can benefit from the medical massage in Redmond, WA, provided by Lake Washington Wellness. Our certified and licensed massage therapists’ primary objective is to help get you on the way to mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing.

A World of Health Benefits

Medical massage therapy provides many health advantages, from enhanced blood flow to mental peace. And when you work with Lake Washington Wellness’ massage therapists, you will get the scope to have treatment in a soothing, relaxed setting. Our trained therapists maintain flexible sessions and provide easy appointment booking. If you seek a weekly session or want to get treatment as a requirement, we will be happier to accommodate.

At Lake Washington Wellness, we believe that medical massage is crucial for a detailed healthcare strategy. Our therapists have tremendous experience in therapeutic massage and an extensive array of modalities which you cannot find in numerous massage clinics.

Our patients receive massage therapies that treat workplace and automobile injuries, recover injured tissue and muscles, and fix repetitive motion and stress issues. Moreover, massage can treat muscular-connective tissue conditions, tension headaches and enhance lymph and blood circulation. We consider our patients the most vital part of our healthcare, and hence, we work with them to create a treatment plan to meet their requirements and exceed their expectations.

Several health insurance plans incorporate therapeutic massage as they identify its contribution to entire physical health and wellness. Book an appointment to analyze your requirements, and we will work with you to figure out what your insurance providers cover.

Our special therapies include:

  •         Sports massage
  •         Deep tissue massage
  •         Pregnancy massage
  •         Post-surgery therapy
  •         Neuro-muscular massage
  •         Automobile injury treatment
  •         Jaw pain treatment
  •         Myofascial release

Major Perks of Medical Massage Therapy

Medical massage can help enhance, fix, and eliminate many mental and physical illnesses. It can:

  •         Encourage relaxation
  •         Reduce physical and mental exhaustion
  •         Trigger healing of muscle injuries
  •         Relieve muscle spasms and pain
  •         Speed up a range of motion
  •         Boost flexibility
  •         Enhance blood circulation
  •         Eliminate muscular soreness and stress
  •         Reduce toxins from muscles
  •         Improve the quality of life
  •         Boost the immune system
  •         Enhance body acceptance
  •         Reduce swelling occurred by injuries
  •         Improve sense of wellbeing
  •         Lessen constipation and headaches

Redmond’s Best Therapeutic Massage Specialists

If you have queries about medical massage, we will be happier to answer you. Our expert, affordable therapeutic massages are the place to start whether you have never experienced a massage before or are seeking a therapist to receive medical massage in Redmond, WA. Our massage practitioners love to work every day, and we have the best therapists in Redmond.

Hence, it’s time to soothe your body, mind, and soul with our therapeutic massage treatment from licensed therapists! Call us for more details or book a session to start your treatment.