Kavin has been a licensed Massage Therapist since 2005, graduating from Ashmead College prepared a positive impact to achieve client’s needs through massaging injuries and rejuvenation of the body. Over the years he has completed training in a wide range of therapeutic and relaxation modalities, including Active Isolation Stretching, Hot Stones, Cupping, Thai, Prenatal, and Sport Massage.

Kavin has a deep understanding through experience of hard labor growing up on a farm and construction can be taxing to one’s body and can relate to clients’ needs when they are taxed from overuse repetition. As a strong believer in the body’s natural healing power, his approach and philosophy is to use a variety of massage techniques as a way to assist and empower the body to heal itself. Working on a client’s personal progress will ensure the clients satisfaction of their goal, so the individual can be comfortable pursuing their daily activities.