Massage Modalities

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What Our Clients Say

  • I only get massages when I have pain/tightness and for years have shopped around because I’ve never found a place where I can get consistently good massages. Within the last year or so I discovered Lake Washington Wellness and I had a GREAT series of massages for hip tightness but then that masseuse moved I was bummed… I thought I’d try another masseuse for back tightness and had another great experience. My next “emergency” the second therapist was unavailable so I tried a third masseuse and I was not disappointed. So far I have seen 5 different massage therapists at Lake Washington Wellness and they are all equally skilled and I feel confident that no matter who I see there I will be satisfied and more importantly I will feel healthier!

    Chris F
  • It’s serious medical care by over-qualified therapists who focus on results. Also, scheduling is easy using their website. I’ve seen 3 different therapists here over 18 months. My current is Jaime, who uses recent reports from my doctors and physical therapists to apply the appropriate technique. I’ve recovered from multiple injuries and grown into an athletic lifestyle under her care. I highly recommend Lake Washington Wellness. Bring a prescription and a listing of your health and fitness goals, because this isn’t a bored back-rub, but a focused rehabilitation facility for healing and achieving.

    Joseph V
  • Effective Relief – I started seeing Jackie after back pain from a bicycle accident became chronic. Through careful assessment and excellent massage, Jackie gave me back a pain-free life through her skilled hands. In addition, I have received tips on how to sustain my new well-being. By now she also took care of several sports injuries (now that I can move about again 😉 for me as well.

    Sebastian K.