Meet Donna


Meet Donna!

Since childhood, I have been driven by a strong curiosity about life.  What is our purpose, the best way to live our lives and how can one be fulfilled in this world?  This interest naturally guided me to explore different schools of thought in health and wellness. By the age of thirteen, I was spending much of my free time at the health food stores and pouring over health and nutrition books. 

I delved wholeheartedly into traditional Chinese culture in 2001, when I was introduced to qigong.  At that time, I had my first experience with acupuncture, and quickly began to learn about Traditional Chinese Medicine.  I was fascinated by the point of view that these traditional practices allowed me—a new lens through which to see my world.  

I studied independently until I entered a full-time program at Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in 2004. I became a licensed acupuncturist in 2007 and then spent three years in an intensive acupuncture residency program at one of the busiest clinics in Washington State where I was very fortunate to collaborate with skillful practitioners, and learn from brilliant teachers.

I have been practicing acupuncture ever since and continue to learn, grow, and be in awe at how acupuncture impacts the lives of my clients.  

I am happy to answer questions and help to demystify acupuncture.

Call (425) 882 9065 for a free 15 minute acupuncture consultation at our Redmond Acupuncture Wellness Center and we can determine how acupuncture may benefit you. 



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