Safety Standards

Our Commitment to Safe Care

Making your visit comfortable and safer

For 25 Years Lake Washington Wellness has been committed to healing and fostering physical and emotional wellness. Your health is the reason we exist, and we are modifying our daily operations to continue to provide a comfortable environment and limit the possibilities of the spread of COVID-19. COVID-19 is a reminder that the health of everyone in the community requires us to be “in this together”.

Based on our own extensive research, and updated recommendations for best practices for massage and acupuncture, Lake Washington Wellness has modified our practice in a few ways. So that you know what to expect, we’ve listed some of the most noticeable changes below.



  1. New Informed Consent Paperwork: All clients will need to complete an updated Informed Consent Form prior to their session. We are working to have this available as an electronic form and will include a link to this in your appointment reminder.

  2. Day-of Appointment  TEXT Pre-Screening: On the morning of the appointment, we will require all clients to answer pre-screening questions prior to arrival.  You will receive a text the morning of your appointment with a link to a Pre-Screening eform.  Just answer the questions and submit. If you do not pass the Pre-Screening, your appointment will be canceled and rescheduled at an appropriate time. There is no cancellation fee should you need to reschedule.  Please note, as part of the screening we ask that you take your temperature in the morning before you answer the pre- screening questions.

  3. Closed Waiting Area-Wash Hands-Check in 3 Mins before Appt:  We have closed our waiting area and asking you not to enter the office sooner than 3 minutes before your appointment.  We ask you that when you enter the building that you stop at the restroom to wash your hands.   Once you have washed your hands, secure your mask if you have one, and come meet your Therapist in the waiting area 3 minutes before the appointment.

  4. Masks for Everyone:  Staff and Clients will be required to wear masks when in proximity of each other.  Lake Washington Wellness will provide a disposable mask to any clients who do not have their own mask. If you are unable to wear a mask, please let us know when you make your appointment so we can discuss making the necessary accommodations.

  5. Speedy Checkout and Online and Phone Rebooking: Once your treatment is completed and you are ready to leave, your Therapist will provide you a checkout form to bring to one of our Client Service folks at the front desk. If you wish to leave a Gratuity on your credit card, there is a section on in the upper right to fill in.  Just hand in the form and for our Self-Pay clients we will email your Credit Card receipt.  Please note, to minimize time in the Clinic, we will provide rebooking services online and via the phone.

  6. Disinfecting Rooms and Common Areas: Therapists will completely sanitize and disinfect the treatment room between clients using CDC and FDA approved disinfectants. This is not new, but we want to make sure you know it is being done! We are also adding extra cleanings of the clinic entry and waiting area along with all common areas.

  7. Staggered Appointment Times: We are staggering appointment times to minimize client contact outside of their therapist.

  8. In Room Air Filtration: We have purchased (and are awaiting delivery) of In-room Air Filtration devices that utilize Medical Grade HEPA 13 filters. These devices will filter the amount of air in the size of our therapy rooms in less than 15 minutes.

  9. Temporary Reduced Hours: Our hours will be from 10AM to 7PM (last appointment at 6PM) Monday-Friday and from 10AM to 3PM on Saturday (last appointment at 2PM). We will gradually expand our schedule in hours and the number of available Therapists throughout the summer. In the meantime, if the Therapist you normally work with is unavailable, either because of time constraints or because they have yet to return, just let us know and we will consult with your Therapist for recommendations and for guidance on treatment.

  10. Staff Screening: Our Staff will be required to complete a screening prior to arriving at the office and to have their temperature taken upon arrival. Any staff member who does not pass the screening will not be allowed to return to work until they have been able to pass the screening for 3 consecutive days.